Premier Vapor is a local quant shop that specializes in customer service. We offer outstanding service to diverse clients, with a passion and interest in all of our vapor products to help enhance our clients experience and enjoy the better alternative to smoking.

As the proud owners of Premier Vapor Kelly and Marlene lead our team by providing all aspects of vaping. They focuses on the genuine caring for others, concerns, makes sure all products are up to standard quality, and meets our customers satisfaction.  ​Kelly and Marlene believe that vaping is the road to a healthier life and a successful future in staying smoke free.​​  Passionate about vaping and its possibilities Kelly and Marlene support CASA, SFTA, and provides unlimited information to help you succeed  in every way possible.

Timmy Smith

Jackson Manager

Kelly Flieg 


Marlene Chilton


Briar Moritz

Perryvilles Chillest Vape Dude